Town of Fogo Island

Heritage Properties and Sites

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Registered Heritage Properties on Fogo Island

The following sites have Federal, Provincial or Municipal Heritage recognition or registration. Click here and type in "Fogo" under community for a listing and description from the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Barr'd Islands
Henry Combden Stage (Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program)
Cobb Fish Stage and Net Loft (Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program)
Winston C. Combden's Stage (Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program)
Hewitt's Store and Twine Loft (Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program)
Barr'd Islands John Keats Fishing Shed (Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program)
St. John Lodge Society of United Fishermen No. 11 (Municipal Heritage Building)

St. Andrew's Anglican Church and Cemetery (Municipal Heritage S)
St. Andrew's Anglican Church Property (Registered Heritage Structure)
Old Schoolhouse (Municipal Heritage Building)
Bleak House (Municipal Heritage Building)
Bleak House (Registered Heritage Structure)
United Church (Registered Heritage Structure)
Old School House (Registered Heritage Structure)
Courthouse and Public Building (Municipal Heritage Site)

Joe Batt's Arm
Adams Fishing Stage (Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program)
Brett House and Outbuildings (Registered Heritage Structure)
Brett Property (Municipal Heritage Site)
Higgins Stage (Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program)
Archibald Brown Store (Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program)
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church (Recognized Heritage Structure)

Little Fogo Island
St. Anne's Church (Registered Heritage Structure)

Fishermen's Union Trading Company Premises (Registered Heritage Structure)

Dwyer House (Registered Heritage Structure)
Lane House (Registered Heritage Structure)
Pearce Foley House (Registered Heritage Structure)
Tilting (Registered Heritage District)
Martin Greene House and Outbuildings (Registered Heritage Structure)

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