Town of Fogo Island

Municipal Services

Water and Sewer

The majority of the communities of Fogo, Joe Batt's Arm, Tilting and Seldom are served by municipal water and sewer systems. The remaining communities rely on wells and on-site sewage disposal systems.

RV dumping station is available seasonally in Seldom for the convenience of travellers.


Solid Waste Collection

Curb-side residential garbage collection on a weekly basis. Collection and disposal services are provided by Central Waste Management under a service agreement.

Central Newfoundland Waste Management operates a waste transfer station on the Stag Harbour Road, where all waste from Fogo is collected and then trucked to a landfill site off the Island.

Non-residential property owners are responsible for delivery of their own waste to the transfer station.

The garbage collection schedule is:

TUESDAY - Stag Harbour; Little Seldom; Seldom; Island Harbour; Deep Bay & Central
THURSDAY - Tilting; Joe Batts Arm; Barr'd Islands; Shoal Bay

Garbage should be placed in your garbage box or by the roadside by 8:00am on your collection day.

The Waste Transfer Station is open at the following times for residential and commercial drop off:

Wednesday - 1:00 p.m. — 4:30 p.m.
Friday - 8:00 a.m. — 4:30 p.m.
Saturday - 8:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m.

The transfer station will close on most holidays - call to check.

The following Fees are in effect for waste taken to the new Transfer Station. You will be billed directly for the fee by Central Waste Management.

Transparent Blue Bag / Clear Garbage Bag - $132.00 / tonne

Construction and Demolition (C&D)
Mixed - $132.00 / tonne

C&D Sorted - $25.00 / tonne
- Card Board
- Paper
- Shingles
- Wood Products
- etc.

Vehicle Tires - $25.00 / tonne

Car Wrecks - Free
- Tires/Oil Removed

Oil Tank - Free
- Clean
- Split and purged

Clean Soil/Gravel - Free

Milled Asphalt - Free

Metals - Free

Household Hazardous Waste - Free

Refrigerators/Deep Freeze with Freon -Free

Non Compliance Fee
$70.00/tonne (extra) for Unsorted Waste and/or Non-Permitted Black Bag

New Collection Fee's
$79.00 / household

For further information, you can contact:

Central Waste Management(709) 653-2900
Visit their website here:
Transfer station (709) 235-1986


Green Depot

Owned and operated by: Fogo Island Green Depot

29 Main Street, Fogo
Summer Hours:
Wednesday to Saturday 8:00AM - 1:00PM



Roads and streets are maintained and cleared by both the Town of Fogo Island (266-1320) and the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (266-2308).

Street lighting is provided by the Town of Fogo Island.

You may report a burnt-out street light by calling the Town 266-1320.



Numerous walking trails are available for public use, providing a variety of distances and difficulties. Please use caution as some trails are near steep cliffs and water. Always let someone know where you have gone and when you expect to return. Dress for the weather and take water with you. Be aware of the distance you are traveling and watch out for wild animals. Use is at your own risk.

Please keep the trails clean and report any problems to the Town.

The Town and various communities provide childrens' playgrounds with a variety of play equipment. These are unsupervised and children should not be left alone. Please keep these areas clean and free of litter.

The Town of Fogo Island seasonally operates the Iceberg Arena in Fogo Island Central. In addition to organized hockey and school programs, skating times and private rentals are available.


Building Permits and Zoning

All new construction and many types of renovations or demolitions require a building permit

Commercial and public-use buildings may also require approval by Government Services for Fire and Accessibility.

Town staff will be pleased to assist you with your building permit.

Some areas of the Town have specific zoning regulations, and minimum building and lot sizes apply in all areas.

You should always check for zoning and other building permit requirements before buying or selling property, subdividing land, or planning construction or renovations or changing the use of a property.

You are required to have title to your property and usually your lot must have frontage on a public street and access to water and sewer or an approved on-site water and/or sewage disposal system.

See the Municipal Plan and Development Regulations for more details, or call the Town Office at 709-266-1320.